Monmouth Advertising Lottery

We're launching a monthly madness advertising lottery!

Every month we'll be selling 10 advertisements on The Monmouth Website starting at £1 for the first ad and incrementing in £5 steps up to £45 for the 10th ad. The ads will be sold on a "first come, first served" basis as follows:


Ad No. Price
1 £1
2 £5
3 £10
4 £15
5 £20
6 £25
7 £30
8 £35
9 £40
10 £45


All you have to do, to grab an advertisement at these bonkers prices, is email us with the name of your business and we'll reserve a spot for you if you are in the top ten. As soon as we have all 10 places filled we will create the ads. Simple as that!


Contact Us to enter!